Marble is a perfect materials, which may be used to make almost all bathroom surface, starting with floors, through walls, tops and washbasins. This is an aesthetic material, and first and foremost exceptionally durable and resistant to detergents, which is an important fact for these types of surfaces. Except marble, you may use granite and quartz that are even harder.

Kitchen tops are surfaces especially exposed to intensive, everyday use. When creating dream kitchen, you need to bear in mind durability and quality of materials you invest in. It’s worth to consider these, which provide lifetime guarantee. Undoubtedly, granite and quartz are just the materials you need.

Blat Granitowy Star Galaxy

Blat wykonany z Granitu Star Galaxy

Blat i Barek Wykonany z Granitu Star Galaxy

Blat Granitowy i Cokoły - Granit Caramello

Blat Granitowy – Caramello

Blat Granitowy Materiał Caramello

Blat szczotkowany Star Galaxy

Umywalka Kwarcowa

Wyspa Star Galaxy szczotkowany

Trawertyn Rosa Persiano

Blat marmurowy

Blat granitowy Star Galaxy

Umywalka kwarcytowa

Blat granitowy

Blat łazienkowy

Blat łazienkowy Granit Star Galaxy

Blat kuchenny

Blat kuchenny

Blat kuchenny

Blat barowy

Blat barowy

Blat kuchenny

Blat kuchenny